Roof Tiling

You can choose from a choice of roof tiles and no matter how large or small the job, our experienced roofing team of roofers will be pleased to install new tiles or fix old ones and we deal with all types of tiling including:

Concrete Tiles, these tiles are inexpensive and they can be bought in a wide range of colours sizes and different textures

Clay tiles, this form of tiling  gives a look of warmth and character to the appearance of any property and there available in a wide range of colours, styles and different textures. The weather will fade the colour overtime but they will never completely fade. In conclusion, clay tiles are a natural  looking, durable and long lasting roofing tile.

Slate tiles have been used for many thousands of years and are still popular today. There attractive in appearance, durable and last a long time and will normally out live their owners. Natural slate can also re-used so when you use them, your doing your bit to help the environment too.

We can tile any size roof commercial or residential, with your choice of tiles and can also come and repair a whole roof of tiles or just a single roof tile if required.

Our roofers can offer a quick and competitive service. Our aim it to quickly get the job done so contact us for a quote today.